This cat standing on 2 legs is Garfield IRL

Cute Kitten Pet Compilation 2016
Cute Kitten Pet Compilation 2016

As if ripped from the cartoon and thrown in front of a camera phone, this cat is boggling the minds of "Garfield" fans all over the internet.

Balancing on his hind legs without a care in the world, the feline makes it seem as though standing upright is hands down his preferred method of hanging out around the house.

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The orange tabby cat is recorded by his owner peering out the window, making it clear that something on the outside definitely has captured his attention.

Uploaded by Daily Mail to Facebook, the video has racked up over half a million views and is littered with comments from perplexed social media users.

What wound up capturing his attention so intensely? We're never told for sure, but we can only assume lasagna was involved.

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