Army pants and flip flops girl from 'Mean Girls' was in an Oscar winning film and you had no idea

8 Casting Secrets You Didn't Know About 'Mean Girls'
8 Casting Secrets You Didn't Know About 'Mean Girls'

One of the best and most beautifully crafted films in the past 20 years is none other than the Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels helmed, "Mean Girls."

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Most of us know the plot to the movie, and of course, have watched it about 18,598 times within the past year. If you're a fan, which we know you are, you could pretty much quote the entire movie verbatim. Among the classics are...

  • "You don't even go here!"

  • "OMG. Danny DeVito, I love your work!"

  • "Glenn Coco? FOUR for you, Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco."

  • "Is butter a carb?"

You know, the staples. However, one of our absolute favorites wasn't even uttered from one of the main characters, but from Bethany Byrd...or better known as this girl:

Photo cred: Twitter

Who knew such a simple sentence would start such a style revolution! Anyway, if you happened to watch "Spotlight," the film that took home the Oscar for Best Picture, chances are, you got a glimpse of actress Stefanie Drummond.

Photo cred: Twitter

Of course, if you remember, Regina George was also in the film, aka Rachel McAdams! Talk about some "Mean Girls" inception!

Now that you could throw that little piece of trivia at your know-it-all-friends, take a peek at the "Mean Girls" gallery below!

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