Shrine for cookies tragically dropped on a street is pretty sweet

This Shrine for Cookies Tragically Dropped on a Street Is Pretty Sweet
This Shrine for Cookies Tragically Dropped on a Street Is Pretty Sweet

There's arguably nothing more depressing than dropping a freshly opened bag of cookies on the ground. And apparently, a town in England couldn't agree more.

It all started when Hugh Osborn was walking down the street in Leamington Spa and spotted an open package of Digestive chocolate cookies tragically tossed on the sidewalk in a sad, broken heap.

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Osborn told The Independent he "felt the twinge of sympathy natural for such a horrible scene," so he took a photo and posted it to Twitter so the world could mourn with him. And boy, did it ever.

Osborn said his roommate found a surprising scene when he walked by the crumbled cookies the next day — a fellow cookie lover had placed flowers and a candle next to the fallen sweets.

See photos of the shrine:

One day later, a sympathy note appeared in the pile of crumbs.

After that, Osborn just had to make his own contribution — a framed photo of the dearly departed cookies in a graduation outfit.

Of course, word of the epic shrine began to spread, and the original creators came forward to claim their masterpiece.

The cookie dropper herself even publicly admitted her heinous crime.

Osborn says the cookie shrine has since vanished, and we found out where it disappeared to: this gal's porch. We don't know why. And she doesn't, either.

But Osborn won't soon forget the horrible tragedy.

"Biscuit welfare is an issue close to my heart," he told The Independent.