Shop these videos: 9 products for the wine lover in your life

If wine is your drink of choice, then you understand how these 9 products will make you chief-wino. From an instant aerating and decanting nozzle to wipes that remove wine stains from your lips, these accessories were designed for the inner sommelier in each of us. Below, we've partnered with our friends at MikMak to let you play short product videos, hit add to cart and purchase right here on AOL.

1) A reusable, frozen wand that keeps your white wine frosty for hours and aerates as you pour.

2) When you're planning to drink the whole bottle anyway, grab this glass.

3) Learn when it's time to put the glass down with a keychain breathalyzer. It also makes a great gift for your college-aged kids!

4) Instantly wipe those red wine stains right off your lips, tongue and teeth.

5) Aerate and decant your red wines straight from the bottle with this compact nozzle.

6) An elegant foil cutting, cork pulling, bottle stopping system that makes serving and storing wine a breeze.

7) Keep your rosé wines chilled in the summer and your spiced wines hot during the winter with this portable thermos.

8) Open bottles easily with an adorable bluebird corkscrew.

9) Carry an entire bottle of wine in this durable, lightweight pouch and never worry about breaking a bottle or finding a corkscrew again.

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