Quirky, modern home tucked away in the Ariz. desert

Designed by Detonation:  Arizona Home Was Built Into a Mountain
Designed by Detonation: Arizona Home Was Built Into a Mountain

We found this remote little home tucked away in the desert in Tucson, Arizona. The 1,450-square-foot house is only one story and sits on a 4.5 acre lot, giving it a simple, cube-like aesthetic. The modern, boxy shape gives way to a beautifully decorated interior, featuring full length glass windows and tasteful art and decor. It's compact, it's off the grid, and it's pretty amazing.

From a distance, the private home's simple architecture and neutral colors may lead some to believe that it's a bomb shelter. But after a closer inspection, it becomes clear that this unusual structure is a total hidden gem.

Check out photos of this unconventional home:

You need to scope out this quirky Arizona home. We guarantee you haven't seen anything like it. Click through the slideshow above for a full tour.

The property is currently going for $397,000.

Now take a peek inside this school bus that was completely transformed into a tiny home:

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