Model bears striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie

7 Celebrities With Perfect Pouts
7 Celebrities With Perfect Pouts

Angelina Jolie may have finally met her match -- sort of.

Mara Teigen, an 18-year-old model, has been identified as the Oscar-winning star's latest doppelgänger.

A quick photo comparison proves the beauty could pass as a younger Jolie sister. Her dark brunette locks, luscious lips and doe-like eyes are a definite match to the 40-year-old actress and humanitarian.

"Definitely something that [Brad] Pitt will go for," one user commented.

And then another fan perfectly captured everyone's thoughts: "I have never been more jealous of a human being."

The Instagram star, who boasts nearly 600,000 followers, rose to fame in the most surprising way.

See more photos of Mara:

Coincidentally, Mara is linked to a famous Hollywood family – the Kardashians. She appeared in Kylie Jenner's lip-gloss promotional video, according to Daily Mail. The Wilhelmina model has also appeared in ads for Milani Cosmetics and Frankie's Bikinis.

While Mara is a dead-ringer for the legendary celeb, there one thing Mara's missing ... a Brad Pitt of her own.

See Angelina Jolie through the years: