The definitive ranking of every Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Retiring? Twins Focus On Fashion
Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Retiring? Twins Focus On Fashion

For anyone who grew up in the '90s, Mary-Kate and Ashley were an essential part of life: From their Walmart clothing lines and dolls to their TV shows and CDs, everything they touched was pure gold. But, perhaps most notably, their movies -- specifically, all of their straight-to-video movies -- were life-changing works of art

Each of their central 10 VHS masterpieces followed a special, winning formula: The Olsen twins would play versions of themselves with different names, travel to another location for some variety of reasons (Witness Protection Program, Model UN conference, study abroad, reality show, to name a few) and then meet two cute boys, much to the dismay of a mean girl or creepy old villain.

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In other words, they were all perfect.

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In celebration of these stirring cinematic events that we rewatched in our living rooms as preteens over and over again, we decided to take the 10 most essential Mary-Kate and Ashley flicks and rank them, because, if you aren't ranking things on the internet in 2016, what's really the point?

Check out the definitive ranking of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies below:

10. "New York Minute" (2004)

"New York Minute" was the first of the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies that was released in theaters, and it was a huge disappointment. The girls had clearly checked out and, let's be honest, one of the real pleasures of an Olsen twins movie was watching it in the comfort of your own home while your mom rolled her eyes because you were forcing her to watch it for a 50th time.

9. "The Challenge" (2003)

"The Challenge" was a bizarre parody of "Survivor"-type reality competition shows that, ultimately, didn't quite do the trick. We prefer our girls surrounded by their family, not crazed reality TV contestants and production crews.

8. "Getting There" (2002)

The premise of "Getting There" sounded like a home run: MK&A turn 16, obviously get a car and then take a fun road trip to ... Utah for the Olympics? If the destination had been a bit more realistic, like Cabo, we think this might've turned out a little differently.

7. "When in Rome" (2002)

"When In Rome" was followed the same quippy formula that won Mary-Kate and Ashley so many fans during their other European romps and, though it's no "Passport to Paris," the girls' Italian vacation was hilarious, and let the twins channel their artsy photographer sides.

6. "Switching Goals" (1999)

Mary-Kate and Ashley didn't travel in this one, but they did channel their "It Takes Two" days by switching places so that they can play on the soccer team that they really wanted to be on, due to their coach dad's pressures. Let's think of it as a social commentary on the intricacies of the American family.

5. "Billboard Dad" (1998)

"He's single, he's handsome, he's cool to the max!" In "Billboard Dad," when the girls aren't hanging by the pool, they take it to the streets to try to find their single dad a hot new girlfriend ... literally. The clever plot of having them post a personal ad on a billboard made for some hilariously silly series of events.

4. "Winning London" (2001)

In "Winning London," the girls channel their brainiac sides as they jet across the pond after being invited to a Model UN competition. Things get awkward when they fall for the cute boys on competing teams.

3. "Passport to Paris" (1999)

"What do two all-American girls do in the City of Lights? Ditch their chaperone!" The girls get totally naughty in Paris while visiting their grandfather, romping around the most romantic city in the world with their cute new French boyfriends on Vespas. It's classic Mary-Kate and Ashley, with the twins frequently being dressed in pink (Ashley) and blue (Mary-Kate).

2. "Holiday in the Sun" (2001)

This Bahamas-tastic made us want to travel to Atlantis for years (we never quite convinced our parents), mainly because of those amazing waterslides. It combined the essential qualities of a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie (boys, traveling, more boys) and some of their older mystery movies (they encounter a creepy man stealing artifacts), and it makes for quite the movie. Our favorite part? The fact that a young Megan Fox played their arch-nemesis, Brianna Wallace.

1. "Our Lips Are Sealed" (2000)

The girls headed Down Under after they became eyewitnesses to a crime and the FBI puts them into the Witness Protection Program. Talk about a lofty plot! But it pays off, as the "fun on the run" movie sees the girls fall in love with blonde Aussie boys (romances that include a double-date to a closed amusement park), surf and run from bad guys who tracked them down.

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