LeBron James comically failed trying to copy the Stephen Curry 3-pointer celebration

LeBron James Defends Stephen Curry from NBA Criticism
LeBron James Defends Stephen Curry from NBA Criticism

The Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves in a tougher-than-expected Game 1 matchup against the eighth-seeded Detroit Pistons, which seems like an odd time for LeBron James to try and breakout the Warriors' patented Stephen-Curry celebration. It was a move made worse by the fact that it completely failed.

In the third quarter, with the Cavs up by just two points, LeBron fed the ball to Kyrie Irving for a 3-pointer. However, before the shot was even up, James was already running up the court with his finger pointing in the air, assuming the shot would go in.

4 17 2016 4 19 06 PM
4 17 2016 4 19 06 PM

It did not (via The Cauldron).


Of course, the Warriors have pulled off this move several times, which is much easier when the player shooting the three-pointer is Stephen Curry.

LeBron isn't the first player to fail at this celebration. Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder tried and failed at the same maneuver earlier this season.

Of course, Adams didn't try to do it in the NBA Playoffs.

Luckily for James, the Cavs held off the Pistons, winning the game 106-101.

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