Image of Justin Bieber getting choked looks like Renaissance art

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Art is everywhere if you look hard enough.

Last week, a photo surfaced of Post Malone appearing to be choking Justin Beiber in a Houston night club after he reportedly used the rapper's head as an ashtray, according to a tweet sent out by World Star Hip Hop.

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Both Beiber and Post Malone have responded to the rumors by saying they were simply fooling around — typical nightclub antics, apparently.

However, what has really captivated people isn't the whisper of a potential music industry feud, but rather the incredible, beauty of the image that arose out of the confrontation.

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Many Internet users have been quick to point that the picture of Post Malone, Bieber and other celebrities makes for an impressive composition.

In fact, take one look at the photo and it's easy to compare it to the works of da Vinci or Michaelangelo. Pretty extraordinary for what is most likely a smartphone picture in a crowded nightclub.

Some fans took the liberty of making the comparison more obvious.

Truly stunning.

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