Face Swapper extraordinaire takes his skills to the museum

FACE SWAP FUN (Squad Vlogs)
FACE SWAP FUN (Squad Vlogs)

A trip to the art museum can be an incredibly enriching experience, or, if you're a web-savvy Reddit user, it could be also be your one-way ticket to internet fame.

That's exactly what happened to Jake Marshall, who recently turned his visit to the British Museum in London into a Face Swap compilation for the books.

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The man proved that life imitates art by wandering around the exhibits while using the newest Snapchat feature, swapping his face with that of various pharaohs, Greek and Roman gods, and ancient Incas.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Marshall said, "'I guess it shows either how good technology has become, or how good the sculptors' work was." He continued, saying, "The reaction to this has been mixed to say the least. The majority seemed to enjoy them, but then there has, as always, been those quick to criticize."

While some commenters took aim at his lack of respect for the fine art, others have praised Marshall for the viral post, saying that it has encouraged students to 'make learning fun' again.

See the new-school-meets-old-school images below.

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