EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-scenes with Kat Graham for Caress

Behind the Scenes with Kat Graham for Caress Forever Queen

The stunning Kat Graham recently teamed up with Caress for their #ForeverQueen program -- in an effort to help every woman feel as confident as a queen. We got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new campaign, and got to chat with Kat about all things beauty.

AOL Lifestyle: Why did you choose to work with Caress?

Kat: When Caress invited me to be an ambassador for its new #ForeverQueen campaign, I couldn't say no! I've been obsessed with the brand's body washes for so long, but this partnership really appealed to me because it's all about encouraging women to unleash fine fragrance (in the Caress Forever Collection) and that queen-like confidence that comes from wearing a beautiful scent! When we filmed the campaign videos, I got to dress up like a queen and do these really fun, fragrance-activating moves. On set, I felt truly like a queen for a day. I believe that every woman deserves to feel like royalty. I love all of the Caress fragrances, but for spring I'm especially loving Mystique Forever ... it has notes of imperial iris and amber -- it's beautifully bold without being overpowering.

AOL Lifestyle: What's the beauty advice you'd love to give to your younger self?

Kat: If I could give beauty advice to my younger self, I'd tell myself that it all starts with the skin. And always make sure that your skin is the priority.. I feel like growing up I should have used more products – like lotions and lip balms – with SPF (such an easy thing to do!). When you're younger, you often tend to play it safe and model your look off of what your friends are doing ... I never did that, I was always into statement looks and trying new things. I would love to go back in time and tell myself to try something crazy like a funky hair color or adding more pops of color to my nails, eyes and lips! And lastly, I would tell my younger self to keep it simple! I had a gazillion products and I definitely have a more curated approach now. I look for products that do double duty like a body wash that acts like a perfume, OR a foundation with built-in benefits like primer, serum, etc.

AOL Lifestyle: With constantly being on screen and in front of the cameras, we know you just about spend your life in makeup! How do you keep your skin clear and healthy?

Kat: Between shooting The Vampire Diaries , All Eyez On Me, Caress and whatever events, it's very rare for me to not be in full hair and makeup. But, on my days off, I usually go make up free. Moisturizing is very important to keep my skin life healthy. Sometimes I forget because I'm in such a rush, but having used a brand like Caress for so many years, that moisture stays with you all day. I also give my skin some gentle exfoliation. My cousin made me a really cool blend of sugar, coconut oil, etc. to mix in with my cleanser to gently slough away dry skin. Then, I'll layer on a serum and moisturizer so my skin has some time to breathe and soak in the ingredients.

AOL Lifestyle: Mother's Day is almost here! What's your favorite thing you learned from your mom?

Kat: My mom is such a force to be reckoned with! She definitely instilled in me how to be strong and confident, as well as the importance of lifting other women up. Also as a single mom she's shown me self-reliance and how important it is to be able to trust and love yourself. It's definitely one of the most important lessons she's taught me (mommy, if you're reading this, I love you!)

Scent aficionados can view Graham's video and check out her fragrance-activating #ForeverQueen moves at CaressForever.com on April 19th, before sharing their own on Instagram and Twitter. Tag @Caress and use the campaign hashtag #ForeverQueen in your posts to possibly be featured on the Caress® website alongside Graham.

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