Crossfit trainer insists weightlifting routine is healthy even at 9 months pregnant

Mom-To-Be Defends Doing CrossFit and Weightlifting at 9-Months Pregnant
Mom-To-Be Defends Doing CrossFit and Weightlifting at 9-Months Pregnant

Many pregnant women avoid lifting heavy objects, but this woman won't let a little weight slow her down.

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Emily Breeze from Charlotte, North Carolina is just shy of 9 months pregnant. With her baby boy due on April 29th, many might advise her to take a break.

But the CrossFit-competing, Olympic-lifting 31-year-old said other than modifying her exercises and scaling back on her weights, she has no plans of stopping.

"I have been training my whole life," Breeze told "I want to truly promote health and fitness to everybody out there."

The trainer can be seen in various Instagram videos skipping rope and doing push ups. She even does an astonishing 170-pound overhead squat at 27 weeks pregnant.

See more of Emily's intense fitness routine:

She continues to lift with the blessing of her doctor, but listens to her body, and adapts her movements accordingly.

For example, Breeze told that her heaviest clean and jerk is 195-200 pounds, but she has scaled that down significantly to accommodate her pregnancy.

"A healthy mom and healthy pregnancy will help create that healthy baby," Breeze said. "There's no prescription to pregnancy. Everybody might be different."

It seems the CrossFit trainer is only gaining momentum from her pregnancy.

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Less than a month after she is due to give birth to her first son, Breeze said she and former NFL player Randy Moss have teamed up to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for biggest bootcamp event.

The previous record breaking boot camp had 2,300 attendees and was held in Australia, but she and Moss hope to have at least 3,000 involved in their boot camp.

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