8 cupcake creations that will make you want to break your diet

Spring Cupcakes 3 Ways
Spring Cupcakes 3 Ways

Even if your preference is savory, there's really no denying that everyone has some semblance of a sweet tooth. Whether that means you indulge in some dark chocolate a few nights a week or your theme song is Rihanna's 'Birthday Cake', you're not alone. That being said, it's simply impossible to stick only to sweets while carrying on a healthy lifestyle -- that's where social media steps in. Where better to indulge in the mouth-watering existence of cookies, brownies and, perhaps best of all, cupcakes without all the guilty, caloric aftermath?

If you love cupcakes as much as we do, you'll appreciate this. Eight media gurus took to Kanvas, the popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, to share some of the most beautiful, fun and drool-worthy cupcake creations.

Experiment with Kanvas to show off your own baking skills!

1. If a warm, moist cupcake isn't comfort food, we don't know what is:

2. Food is simply better when it's fun:

3. These look so good we almost don't want to eat them. Almost.

4. If you have a sweet, simple cupcake, could things really be that bad?

5. If you think the smell of bacon in the morning is enticing, you should try waking up to cupcakes baking:

6. Sprinkles make us smile:

7. If you say so...

8. Nothing better than an after-dinner treat than a cupcake -- especially if it looks like this:

Not a cupcake person? How about cookies?

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