REPLAY: PRO Rugby makes its debut in the United States

Watch Live: PRO Rugby makes its debut in the United States

PRO Rugby -- the first team-sport professional league to launch in the United States since Major League Soccer in 1993 and Major League Lacrosse in 2001 -- officially kicked off on Sunday night, as Sacramento edged San Francisco 37-25 in a thrilling rivalry match on

In case you missed the action, watch the video above for a full replay!


1 Maka Tameilau

2 Tom Coolican

3 Patrick Latu

4 Nick Grass

5 Siaosi Latu

6 Sam Finau

7 Alec Gletzer

8 Siupeli Sakalia

9 Michael Reid

10 Volney Rouse

11 Jack O'Hara

12 Martini Talapusi

13 Nick Blevins

14 Michael Haley

15 Jake Anderson

16 Jay Finau

17 Niko Lolohea

18 Fancy Namaluulu

19 Issac Helu

20 Junior Helu

21 Devereux Ferris

22 Orene Ai'i

23 Charles Mateo


1 Val Lee-Lo

2 Ray Barkwill

3 Olive Kilifi

4 Robert Meeson

5 Siona Sina

6 Kyle Sumsion

7 John Quill (C)

8 Sione Latu

9 Jope Motokana

10 Harry Bennett

11 Joeli Tikoisuva

12 Alipate Takiveikata

13 Mirco Bergamasco

14 Rashad Harbor

15 Garrett Brewer

16 Josh Inong

17 Toki Kefu

18 Kali Tavaki

19 Rich Knight

20 Langilangi Haupeakui

21 Chris Saint

22Nemia Qoro

23 Ryan Thompson

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REPLAY: PRO Rugby makes its debut in the United States

PRO Rugby


Rugby is a game of big athletes, no helmets, continuous action and hitting -- a lot of hitting. It requires tenacity and versatility, immense athleticism and endurance, proving to be the ultimate team sport which also meets specialization.

It has a rabid fan base in the United States, and has transformed into the fastest growing youth sport in the nation. With American fans having access to international competition on TV, the desire for more is always there.

In 2007, an estimated 4.2 billion people watched the Rugby World Cup. It is the fifth largest global team sport behind soccer, cricket, basketball and baseball.

Yet in spite of all its popularity around the world, it has no professional league in the U.S. or North America. Well, that is about to end.

This weekend PRO Rugby officially launched in America. Five teams, five cities, over 100 of the best athletes in the world -- all converging on fields across the country.

PRO Rugby is the first team sport professional league to launch in the U.S. since Major League Soccer in 1993 and Major League Lacrosse in 2001.

Visit PRO Rugby's site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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