Ranking the best (and worst) NBA court designs

NBA Owners Approve Ads on Jerseys
NBA Owners Approve Ads on Jerseys

Baseball stadiums have the luxury of sporting designs completely different from one another -- even coming up with their own desired field dimensions. No other sport is as lucky, but NBA courts do get a similar treatment.

Each team's front office is able to concoct a design they feel best fits the team -- and as you could imagine, some turn out much better than others.

Teams like the Lakers and Celtics boast classic designs to match their history. Younger teams such as the Timberwolves have tweaked their tone a bunch over the years. You have bold and loud designs, as well as quaint and muted ones. But in the end, all that matters is execution.

Below, we ranked each team's hardwood based on how easy they are on the eyes. Of course, each pair of eyeballs are different, and you'll probably have a difference in opinion somewhere along the list. So after you've clicked through our ranking, be sure to tweet us at @AOLSports with the changes you'd make.