Here's what future cemeteries may look like

Here's What Future Cemeteries May Look Like
Here's What Future Cemeteries May Look Like

Cemeteries of the future may look and function much differently than the ones commonly used today.

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Their proposal, called Sylvan Constellation, features a wooded path with lighted vessels that get their glow from the gasses emitted by decomposing remains.

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The team's Facebook page further notes, "Embedded in the forest floor or supported by a network of slender steel pylons, this multilevel memorial rises from the earthen territory of traditional burial into an elegant and truly perpetual constellation of light in the blooming woodland canopy above."

According to a press release, the judges at the University of Bath in the U.K. which hosted the competition were particularly impressed with the use of sustainable technologies as well as the "respectful disposition for human remains."

The team from Columbia won the equivalent of more than $7,000 and will be able to spend a month studying a historic cemetery in England.