Mariah Carey resurrects her 'Heartbreaker' alter ego, Bianca, and we need to know everything

Happy Birthday, Mariah Carey: Watch the 46-Year-Old's Most Divalicious Moments
Happy Birthday, Mariah Carey: Watch the 46-Year-Old's Most Divalicious Moments

Bianca's back!

Mariah Carey threw fans into a frenzy on Friday, when she posted pics dressed up as Bianca, the diva's nemesis/alter ego from her iconic music video for "Heartbreaker."

"Ladies and gentlemen... #Bianca 😘😘😘," Carey captioned one pic, striking a pose in a black bodysuit and sleek black wig.

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"#Bianca returns 😘😘😘," the 46-year-old singer tweeted alongside another shot of her alter ego.

In the 1999 music video, Carey spots "Bianca" out on a date with her man, played by Jerry O'Connell. The two then duke it out in a bathroom catfight for the ages.

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No signs as to the significance of Bianca's return, though Carey spoke to BuzzFeed last year about resurrecting her alter ego.

"I don't know, she's really hard to pin down," she said. "I really wanted to bring her here today, so it's only really her essence that could be here today. But I hope BuzzFeed and I can get Bianca off her arse."

The singer even said Bianca -- who is apparently a huge diva -- could potentially make another music video appearance in the future.

See photos of Mariah Carey through the years:

"I want her to make a cameo β€” maybe she could do an interview with BuzzFeed. The only thing is that she's a DIVA and over the top," she explained. "Like, my glam squad is nothing compared to hers, nothing."

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Whatever the reason for the resurrection, Carey's fans -- a.k.a. "Lambs" -- went wild on social media at the news:

And, just in case you need further evidence of how epic Carey acting opposite herself can be, another look at that fight scene:

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