Jimmy Fallon rounds up yuge, hilarious Donald Trump impressions by kids

Donald Trump's Phone Call with Ted Cruz
Donald Trump's Phone Call with Ted Cruz

On Friday's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the NBC late-night host unveiled a special Donald Trump edition of his segment for fans to submit clips of their kids doing celebrity impressions.

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And the kids did not disappoint. One boy called the GOP presidential frontrunner "Donald Trunk," while a blond girl promised to build a wall "and make Mexico pay for it -- it's gonna be hoooge."

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One blond boy, in a white shirt and red necktie, even had managed to perfect a preteen version of Trump's epic side-sweep of hair. "We will win so much that everyone will be sick of winning," he said in a word-for-word echo of the candidate himself.

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The kids seemed to take rather naturally to Trump's tendency toward name-calling. "Vote for Trump and make America great again," one girl said, "or you're gonna be a loser."

Another boy introduced his younger sister as "his beautiful wife, Melania" -- and she proceeded to blow him an air kiss in a perfectly timed response.

Watch the full video below:

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