'Suicide Squad' trailer set to 'Friends' theme song is something you didn't know you needed

'Suicide Squad' Blitz Trailer
'Suicide Squad' Blitz Trailer

If you are like any member of society who enjoys movies, you probably have watched the new "Suicide Squad" trailer about 76 times since its debut at the MTV Movie Awards.

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The upcoming film will dabble in both super-hero action and comedy and to be completely honest, we honestly cannot wait. The three trailers released for the upcoming August release have had different tones ranging from pure darkness to straight up comedy; however, our one of our favorites was actually fan-made.

Set to "I'll Be There For You," the famous theme song for "Friends," characters like the Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot get the Central Perk treatment and it's something you didn't know you needed. Take a peek at the trailer below!

Pretty amazing, right?!

Check out pics of the "Suicide Squad" cast and more from at Cinemacon!

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