Pulled pork sundaes have arrived whether you like it or not

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The South is alive and kickin' as evidenced by TGI Friday's new menu roll-out.

The item causing the most commotion? The pulled pork sundae, which, by the sounds of it, might just have the makings to ruin dessert forever.

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The layered concoction, which comes served in a traditional sundae glass, isn't exactly the sweet and salty monstrosity you're imagining, however.

The unusual dish swaps mashed potatoes for ice cream, and is topped with crispy bacon and cheese instead of chocolate, making it a savory treat they deemed appropriate for the appetizer menu.

According to TGI Friday's UK head chef Terry McDowell, "Friday's food is all about dishes with big personality, and the new menu couldn't reflect this more for our guests."

Does this sound like the out-of-the-box hybrid you've been dreaming of? If you're outside of the UK, unfortunately you'll just have to wait, as it's only currently available in select London locations.

See people's reactions to the absurd mash-up (pun intended) below:

Pulled pork sundae
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Pulled pork sundaes have arrived whether you like it or not
The #pulledporksundae available now at @tgifridaysuk What do we think people? Delicious or plain weird? Either way, we are 100% intrigued! #ResortsWorldBirmingham #friyay #foodiegram
@TGIFridaysUK pulled pork sundae is just ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป take a bow TGIs๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Feeling like a weeble after that TGI's last night, pulled pork, cheese, bacon + mash in a sundae glass.....beautiful!
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Less "pulled pork sundae" than "hipster marketing stunt shepherd's pie" https://t.co/cmv5LfCcX6 https://t.co/SvyYKNLtOY via @andrewsayer
A pulled pork sundae. Nothing is sacred. Nothing.

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