Man lost 70 pounds consuming potato-only diet for over 3 months

Man Lost 70 Pounds Consuming Potato-Only Diet For Over 3 Months

The potato is a nutrition-packed vegetable but, let's face it, when not enhanced by sour cream, cheese, and the like, it's pretty boring.

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That is exactly why Andrew Taylor of Melbourne, Australia chose the humble tuber – no decadent extras added – to be his sole food source, reports Mashable.

According to VICE, Taylor is trying to not just lose weight, but to overcome his addiction to food.

He reasons that if he can turn eating into simple means of addressing a physical necessity rather than leaning on it as a source of emotional comfort, he'll seek more positive ways to nourish his soul.

Whether that will be the outcome remains unknown, as he's only about 3 months into the endeavor.

However, as Taylor has already lost about 70 pounds, the potato-only diet is proving to be a slimming one.

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