Budget Better: 17 awesome things on Amazon for under $25

10 Of The Most Expensive Things You'll Find On Amazon
10 Of The Most Expensive Things You'll Find On Amazon

Who says you have to spend a fortune for an amazing gift? We scoured Amazon and sites like ThisIsWhyImBroke.com to find the most awesome products out there -- all for under $25.

Looking for an affordable college graduation gift for your nephew? Try this slow-cooker crock pot for only $21 -- a great addition to any new apartment. He'll be sure to love the convenience of throwing in everyday ingredients into one pot to make an instant gourmet meal.

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With Mother's and Father's Day coming up, why not surprise your caffeine-loving mom with the Death Wish Coffee (the world's strongest coffee!) and your dad with the hysterical Toilet Golf Game.

Some of these items have some serious utility -- like the handy potato chip bag resealer, waterproof shower speaker and LifeStraw water filter-- while others are more for the laughs. Who knew you could buy 4,500 ladybugs for $15 on Amazon? You do now! What about these tablets that completely transform the taste of food, and mask sour foods to taste sweet? Amazing.

Whether you're buying these products as a gag gift or a practical present, these items are both totally cheap and totally awesome. Click through the slideshow for a full list!

Check out these 17 items under $25 below:

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