Blue Jays fan has team logo dyed in beard

Blue Jays fans hope for an 'incredible year'
Blue Jays fans hope for an 'incredible year'

Ever wonder what Santa does in the offseason?

Apparently he is a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays because he made an appearance at a recent game between Toronto and the New York Yankees.

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A fan who looks suspiciously similar to Santa Claus showed up at the game between Toronto and the New York Yankees on Tuesday with a Jays logo dyed into his Santa beard.


While Toronto lost 3-2 to the Yankees, fans will always remember the Santa Claus twin with the Blue Jays logo in his beard. That's such an epic beard. Not sure how that could be washed out, but why should he wash that? It's a piece of art and it should be treasured. Walk around Toronto with that thing and show it off.

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After winning the American League East last season, Toronto is off to a slow start with a 3-5 record entering Wednesday, April 13. So far they have split a series with the Tampa Bay Rays, lost a three-game series to the Boston Red Sox and lost the first game of their three game series against the Yankees. That's not the kind of start that the Jays envisioned having, but it's still extremely early in the season.


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