'Apprentice' contestants bash Donald Trump at Manhattan Press Conference

'Apprentice' Contestants Deplore Trump; He Calls Them 'Wannabes'
'Apprentice' Contestants Deplore Trump; He Calls Them 'Wannabes'

Former "The Apprentice" contestants continued to speak out against Donald Trump and the Republican presidential candidate's campaign strategy on Friday at a press conference held in Manhattan.

"Trump has created a toxic echo system in our political discourse," said first season runner-up, Kwame Jackson. "Trump has appealed to the lowest common denominator of fear, racism and divisiveness in our populace. This mix is never a path to American progress."

He added, "Let us choose Kennedy over Kardashianism."

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CNN reported Randall Pinkett, the show's fourth season winner, also bashed the Republican frontrunner, saying he disagrees with Trump's views. Pinkett held the press conference with Jackson and Season 3's Tara Dowdell. Marshawn Evans Daniels (Season 4) appeared via Skype.

"We acknowledge Donald's success as a businessman, and genuinely appreciate the opportunity 'The Apprentice' afforded all of us," Pinkett said in a statement ahead of the event. "We, however, strongly condemn Donald's campaign of sexism, xenophobia, racism, violence and hate."

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Trump released a statement calling the former contestants "six failing wannabes out of hundreds of contestants," and added that "nobody would know who they are if it weren't for me."

Trump hosted "The Apprentice" and its celebrity spin-off edition from 2004 to 2015. He famously booted contestants with the coined phrase, "You're fired!"

Watch Jackson's speech above.

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