5-year-old leads police to gruesome scene inside Grafton home

Girl, 5, leads police to mother's dead body, injured dad

GRAFTON, Mass. (WCVB) -- A 5-year-old girl found in her pajamas wandering along a busy Grafton street early Wednesday morning led police to a gruesome scene in which her mother was found dead.

A Grafton police officer was driving on Worcester Street just after 6 a.m. when he found the girl. He called for assistance and after asking the girl several questions they were able to determine her mother's name and took her back to her home at 55 Worcester St.

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early said at a news conference Wednesday evening that the girl told officers "mommy is sick" and "mommy is sleeping."

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Police forced their way into the home, and found a man on the kitchen floor with a knife protruding from his neck. Police continued to search the home and found Kelly Sugarman, 36, dead on the floor in her bedroom.

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Young girl leads police to dead mother
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5-year-old leads police to gruesome scene inside Grafton home
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(Photo via WCVB)
6:11am #Grafton Pd sees 5 yr old girl on street in pajamas #7News
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Police were able to determine that the man, who was still clutching the knife in his neck, was Michael Sugarman, 42, Kelly Sugarman's husband.

He was treated at the scene and was taken to a hospital. His condition is unknown, but he is expected to recover.

"Keeping in mind we are early in the investigation, the appropriate charges will be forthcoming," Early said. "The medical examiner has accepted the case and an autopsy will determine the cause and manner of Ms. Sugarman's death."

The girl was taken to a hospital to be evaluated and was eventually released to the Department of Children and Families.

Official said it appears to be a domestic situation, and there was no danger to the public. They also believe the little girl was trying to walk to her preschool when police located her.

Early declined to say how Kelly Sugarman died until an autopsy is completed. But he said murder charges are likely to be filed against Michael Sugarman.

The situation remains under investigation by state and local police.

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