30 least expensive dog breeds

Most Expensive Dogs to Buy and Keep
Most Expensive Dogs to Buy and Keep

Getting a dog isn't just an emotional commitment; it's a financial commitment, too. But when it comes to money, all dogs are not created equal. A bit of research goes a long way in discovering which dog breed is best for your budget.

GOBankingRates has done the work for you and found the least expensive dogs to own. This curated list was created based on several financial factors, including: the dogs' purchase cost, bathing or grooming costs -- whichever is cheaper -- and the minimum potential healthcare cost of common breed-specific issues.

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Methodology: For this study, GOBankingRates.com examined the following factors that can impact the overall cost of owning one of 53 different types of dog breeds: purchase price, grooming costs and potential minimum healthcare costs. If costs couldn't be found for a dog, that specific dog breed was excluded from the study. All factors were given a score within a range where 0 was equal to the least expensive. The total scores were then multiplied by its corresponding weight to get the grand total.

1. Purchase costs were calculated using figures from DogBreedsList.info. If the website provided a range, the average was used. The average purchase cost was then weighted the most heavily (3x) in the study.

2. Grooming and bathing costs were pulled from various personal grooming websites that list out dog breed prices. If the websites provided a bathing price and a grooming price, the lesser value was used. Grooming/bathing costs were weighted second most heavily (2x) in the study.

3. Potential healthcare costs of common issues included the minimum total of all common conditions in each dog breed as specified by Embrace Pet Insurance. This factor weighted least heavily (1x) in the study.

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