20 summer job ideas for high school and college students

Top Tips to Find a Summer Job

Many students are getting ready to finish up high school or college classes and are looking forward to three months of summer fun. If you're interested in making some serious cash to fund that summer fun, here are 20 great summer job ideas that can help you rake in dough while you enjoy a break from school work.

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View the 20 best summer job ideas below:

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20 summer job ideas for high school and college students


Parents of younger students often work to schedule tutoring sessions for their kids during summer break. If you are gifted in math, English or any other school subject, summer is a great time to earn extra money by tutoring. To help find clients, create flyers and post them at local businesses, send out a mass email to family and friends or advertise at local schools before the school year ends.

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Lawn Maintenance

If you have access to a lawn mower and some basic lawn care tools, a summer job cutting lawns, trimming bushes and doing basic landscaping could be just the thing for you. Partner with a reliable friend if you're looking to increase your business and distribute flyers in the neighborhood that advertise your lawn-care services and contain your contact information.

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Golf Caddy

Many local golf courses are looking for golf caddies during the summer months. If you know the game well, consider approaching local golf courses now to see if they have caddy positions available this summer.

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Camp Counselor

Do you like working with kids and love being outside? If so, a working as camp counselor could be right for you. A job as a camp counselor will help you to develop leadership skills, communication skills and multi-tasking abilities.

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Retail Sales or Grocery Store

If you like working with people, a job in retail sales or at a local grocer might be just the thing for you. Positions ranging from cashier and stock person to assistant manager are often in abundance during the summer months.

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Food Service

Food service jobs offer great opportunities to beef up your people skills and bring in good money, to boot. Fast food restaurants have a variety of jobs available such as cashier and cook. Apply for gigs at local sit-down restaurants including for wait staff positions, host or hostess positions or line cook jobs.

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Beach Jobs

One of the most coveted summer jobs is that of a lifeguard. Working as a lifeguard requires certification at most beaches, but the benefits are often well worth the effort of obtaining a certification. If you're looking for a summer beach job with a little less responsibility, many beaches offer jobs tending food service areas or doing beach cleanup.

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House Painting

Many home painting businesses and real estate rental owners will happily hire teens and young adults to work with them to paint both interiors and exteriors of homes. If you have a knack for being detail-oriented and like to paint, check the local want ads for summer painting jobs.

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Summertime means school is out for younger kids as well as older kids; that leaves many parents in need of nanny services as they head out to work. If you are responsible, safety conscious and like working with kids, being a nanny might be right for you.

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Housekeeping businesses as well as individuals looking to keep their homes clean often seek out summer help from students. If you have high standards when it comes to cleaning, a housekeeping position for a home, hotel or business office complex could make for an enjoyable summer job.

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Pet Care

Pet care jobs can involve various responsibilities. You can "babysit" a pet while the owner is away, be responsible for daily dog walking or do yard cleanup duty. Create flyers or send a mass email ad to neighbors, friends and family members who live close by.

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Car Washing

The great thing about having a car washing and detailing business is that you can have clients bring their vehicles to your home, or offer to do onsite washing and detailing at their residence. Be certain to have all the supplies needed to ensure your clients' vehicles are cleaned inside and out.

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Computer Tech Help

Do you know a lot about cleaning, repairing and/or updating computers? If so, you can spend your summer giving clients' computers a good cleanup.

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Farm Work

If you live in an area with farms nearby, there's likely a job opportunity open at one or more of them. Big or small, many farms look for help in the summer with maintenance of animals and/or crops, and daily or weekly cleanup. Look for help wanted ads in local papers or knock on the doors of local farm owners.

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House Sitter

Summertime is vacation season for many people and families. Some people want to hire a trustworthy person to stay at their home during the entire duration of their trip; others want to hire someone to check in on their home daily.

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Parent Helper

Many work-at-home parents hire "parent helpers" to assist them as they go about their day of caring for their children. Typical parent-helper duties include cleaning the house, doing laundry, preparing meals and playing with the kids.

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Bike or Small Engine Repair

If you've got a knack for small engine or bike repair, whip up some flyers and advertise your services to local neighborhoods.

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Window Cleaning

A squeegee, some rags and a good cleaning solution is all that's needed to clean windows on most one-level homes. You can offer indoor, outdoor or both as a part of your window cleaning package. Stick with one-level homes, though, for safety reasons unless you've got the proper supplies to stay safe at higher levels and insurance to cover any falls.

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Many, many businesses offer paid summer internships for local students. Approach businesses that specialize in your career interests and ask about available summer intern positions.

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Start Your Own Business

Everyone has skills they can utilize to start a side business. Are you proficient at writing? Start a freelance writing business. Are you great at entertaining? Start an event-planning service. Make a list of your marketable skills and determine a way that you can turn those skills into an ongoing business that can help you earn money whenever you wish.

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Summer jobs are everywhere for those willing to put in the work to find them, and now is the time to start searching for the extra income source that will fund your summer fun and future.

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