This nine dome home is made out of an old WWII aircraft

Portland Examining Affordable Housing Options
Portland Examining Affordable Housing Options

Nine domes combine to create this home that is anything but ordinary. That is, of course, unless you're Frodo.

It's kooky, it's quirky, and it's exactly the kind of dwelling you'd hope to find on an adventure tucked away in the woods of Portland.

The domes take up 2,400 square feet of space, with three bedrooms, two baths, and cave-like paintings etched throughout.

But what enriches the home even more is its history.

Famed Dutch artist Francisco Reynders built the home after finding gun turret coverings from a WWII aircraft carrier.

The smaller bedroom and bathroom were constructed out of these shrouds, and the cannon holes from the carriers were turned into skylights.

Look at pictures of this otherworldly home below:

The inside of the home is equally as mind-boggling as the external architecture.

Wall carvings cover every room, coupled by paintings and tiling that make you forget you're inside a home and not a hip gallery.

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The 18-foot-high ceilings in the living room expand the circular space, as do the 19 skylights throughout the nine domes.

The home is yours for $775,900, but we're sure a space this cool is bound to be a popular pick, so you might want to prepare for battle.

Well, a bidding battle at least!

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