The 'firespray challenge' is actually as stupid and dangerous as it sounds

The 'Firespray Challenge' Is the Latest Pointless Internet Fad
The 'Firespray Challenge' Is the Latest Pointless Internet Fad

The internet has been set ablaze with yet another questionable social media fad.

But unlike the "Ice Bucket Challenge," this trend threatens to douse its participants in something a tad more dangerous than water -- namely, flames.

The "firespray challenge," as it has aptly been named, has teens are essentially making blowtorches using cigarette lighters and spray cans that contain aerosol.

Worse yet -- as a quick Google search reveals, most of the videos take place near or inside buildings.

Though injuring themselves attempting to perform online challenges isn't exactly new amongst teens, this one just so happens to be spreading like wildfire: Instagram posts with the #firespraychallenge tag currently number more than 4,170.

If you really need an expert's opinion on the new trend to prevent you from doing it, despite everything your mother told you about playing with fire, a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade recently weighed in, calling the trend "stupid and extremely dangerous."