President Obama to deliver Howard University commencement

President Obama Forgives $7.7 Billion In Student Debt For 400,000 Disabled Americans
President Obama Forgives $7.7 Billion In Student Debt For 400,000 Disabled Americans

President Barack Obama will deliver the keynote address during the 2016 commencement ceremony at Howard University in Washington, D.C., on May 7.

"The president's commitment to education, especially for those who can least afford it, dovetails with Howard's commitment to provide these same students with a rigorous, intellectually-stimulating, and academically-challenging education experience," Howard University President Wayne Frederick said in a statement Thursday.

The address will be the third time in his presidency that Obama has delivered a commencement address at a historically black university. Much of his education agenda has focused on increasing academic achievement for students of color, including boosting high school graduation rates, slashing the number of drop-outs, and making higher education more affordable in order to boost college enrollment and graduation rates.

In the second half of his administration, the president narrowed his focus with landmark programs like My Brother's Keeper, which aims to support young men of color, and other mentoring efforts to fight chronic absenteeism.

"As we look into the not so distant future, Howard will commemorate its 150th anniversary in March 2017, emboldened by a legacy of equality and inclusivity," Frederick said. "President Obama's own legacy gives the Howard Community great expectations for the leadership footprint it will leave on America and the globe."

Obama is the sixth sitting president to deliver the keynote address at Howard. The president will also receive an honorary degree, doctor of laws, the university's highest honor.

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