Online sensation Twaimz reveals his most touching fan moments


Things have really come full circle for Issa, better known as the viral YouTube sensation Twaimz. His passion for all things social media started with inspiration from other great YouTubers. By tapping into his online role models, Issa was able to create a YouTube channel that was completely his own, incorporating personal details of his life -- like cameos from his father -- and bring together YouTube icons from all over the Internet. It's this personal touch with the addition of Issa's no holds barred personality that has led to an incredible fan base that's over 2 million strong and continually growing.

And while not uncommon for YouTubers to hit the road in order to meet their devoted fans, Issa recently set himself apart by hosting a meet and greet tour, meaning that every single one of the people in the audience was guaranteed face-time with the viral creator. That's a pretty big deal considering how many thousands of people turn out for these events. It's an incredible moment of giving back to the people who have made his career. And more importantly, it's a moment for Issa to reflect on the fact that it was YouTubers like himself -- people who are willing to create a more personal connection with their fans -- that influenced the creation of his channel.

Since fan interactions are such a major part of Issa's career, it's no surprise that he has some incredible fan stories he's gathered along the way. Whether it's encouraging members of the LGBTQ community to embrace who they are or giving young teenagers a role model that may be lacking in their lives, Issa's reach and power as a YouTuber is nothing short of amazing.

We recently spoke to Issa about his fan moments while on his tour, the two stories that touched him the most, and why it's so important for him to make time for his followers!

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You just finished up your tour. What was that like for you?
I did a meet and greet for my Fullscreen tour. So we did two different legs, one was Issa's Winter Wonderland and the other was Issa's Holiday Party. And the reason why it was called Issa instead of Twaimz is because of how personal the tour was. Every person who came got to meet me. I really wanted them to be friends and not fans. It was just such a great time! I've had past experiences on tour when I couldn't meet every single person and I would have to get on a bus and see all these people so sad. Security guards would be pushing me away from all of my fans.

Security guards see you as more special than the people coming to see me and I don't see me as more special than them. I started out on the other side of this Internet world where there's the audience and the social media stars and a huge brick wall in between them. I don't get it. And I feel like a lot of YouTubers need that wall since they feel as though they can't open up too much to their audience. But I feel like to be in this business, you have to learn how to be yourself and incorporate yourself into anything you do. You have to open up and you can't keep things so secretive to the point where people have no clue who they're watching. And that's why I do things like bring my dad into the videos and hopefully one day I can bring in my mom and sister. I really like making things personal.

I'm sure you have a lot, but was there a particular fan moment during this tour that really touched you?
Definitely! There were actually two different stories. The first one was in Dallas and this guy named Ashton told me his story and I was in tears. He was transgender and was very young -- just knowing that I was so in awe because he's so young and he knows who he is. I wish I could have come out at an early time and embraced who I was. He was such a great personality and it really touched me and brought me back to my past. When I get to know people like that it makes me realize why I did this to begin with: to make people happy. He told me that I inspired him so much and just him saying that made me so happy. It reminded me that I started making videos because I was inspired myself and that I wanted to make people happy in the same way the YouTubers I loved made me happy.

And then another girl came with her two moms and they told me their story. Their house had recently burned down and the daughter was being bullied because she had two moms. They warmed my heart and just from meeting and talking with them felt like we had been friends with them for so long. Those are the moments when you realize how grateful you to have fans that love you and look up to you.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, including more exclusive Twaimz features, click here.


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