Montana couple making out in a bar fail to realize it's being robbed

Amorous Couple Steal Kisses During Armed Robbery
Amorous Couple Steal Kisses During Armed Robbery

For these two starry-eyed lovers, there was nothing that could interfere with their passionate lip-lock on Monday night -- even if that something was an armed robbery.

As captured by surveillance cameras, the couple remained unfazed as they sit at the bar, wrapped in each others embrace, while three robbers approach the register.

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The Billings, Montana sports club becomes a crime scene as two men and one woman dressed in bandanas and gloves hold up the place, demanding money from the bartender.

As he hands over the cash, the couple continue to tongue wrestle, unaware of the dramatic spectacle occurring a few feet from where they were situated.

According to the Billings Gazette, the robbers left with an undisclosed amount of cash and even grabbed the small tips sitting atop the bar on their way out.

Owner of the bar, Chuck Rhodes, did not appreciate their lack of attention, stating, "To me, they weren't professional at all. They were just grabbing."

As of today, the culprits remain at large. As for the couple, our bets are on the fact that they're still on cloud nine.

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