LIVE: Clinton and Sanders face off in CNN Dem debate

Countdown To Debate
Countdown To Debate

The dramatic Democratic primary race takes its latest turn in New York on Thursday when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders face off at the CNN Democratic debate.

The primary contest between Clinton and Sanders has grown increasingly tense as the April 19 New York primary looms. Thursday night's debate will be the first time the pair has clashed since the rhetoric has turned more personal and more contentious.

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Over the past few weeks Sanders has called Clinton's judgement into question, saying she is "clearly lacking" in that particular area. While Clinton has criticized Sanders over the soundness of his policies.

Thursday's CNN debate is the last meeting between both candidates currently on the schedule, and fireworks are likely to fly as the race for the White House heats up.

Live coverage from the CNN Democratic debate:

8:59 PM: VermontSenator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton introduced by CNN debate moderator Wolf Blitzer.

9:00 PM: "The reason our campaign is doing well is because we are doing something very radical -- we are telling the truth," Sanders said in his opening statement.

9:03 PM: Clinton promoted her time serving as a New York senator and said she plans to "build on the values we have in New York and to bring those to Washington."

9:05 PM: Clinton said Bernie questioning her qualifications was a "first" for her.

9:10 PM: The former secretary of state immediately brought up Sanders' recent interview blunder with the NY Daily News, saying when asked about one of his major stances -- breaking up the banks -- he could not answer.

9:19 PM: Sanders asked for an example of how Clinton's speech money has influenced her work, Clinton fires back saying, "He cannot come up with any examples because there aren't any examples, It may be inconvenient, but it is important to get the facts straight."

9:28 PM: Sanders revealed he will release last year's tax returns tomorrow, said they're pretty "boring."

9:31 PM: Clinton is asked if a bill is on her desk to raise the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour would she sign it, "of course I would." Sanders says, "I'm sure a lot of people are surprised to hear you support a 15 dollar minimum wage."

9:41 PM: Sanders asked if he owes an apology to Sandy Hook families for opposing crime victims' lawsuits against gun makers. "I don't think I owe them an apology." "I support them," Sanders said.

9: 51 PM: Sanders goes after Clinton when asked about her past use of the word "superpredator." The Vermont senator says, "It was a racist term and everybody knew it was a racist term."

10:05 PM: Clinton fires back at Sanders, "It's easy to diagnose the problem. It's harder to do something about the problem."

10:12 PM: In response to a question about funding NATO, Sen. Sanders said he does believe European countries should pay more towards their defense.

10:20 PM: When asked if Israel's response against the Palestinians in Gaza was "disproportionate," Sanders said he believes it was and called out the former secretary of state for not directly answering the question.

10:35 PM: Both candidates confirmed their belief in universal health care, however they feuded over their different views on public college education.

10:44 PM: When asked about her position about the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, Clinton said she "fully supports the president."

10:46 PM: Clinton brought up the topic of women's rights. "We are never asked about this." She said she would love to discuss women's reproductive rights and right to choose.

10:48 PM: "We've got to expand spending for Planned Parenthood," Sanders said responding to Clinton's comments about women's rights.

10:49 PM: Sanders responded to a moderator's question about Clinton's previous comments that questioned whether he is even a Democrat, saying "Why would I be running for the Democratic nomination if I am not a Democrat?"

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