Investigation into religiously owned daycares reveals disturbing information

Investigation into Religiously Owned Day Cares Reveals Disturbing Information

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (WDAF) -- An investigation into religiously owned day cares in Missouri has unveiled some disturbing information that every parent of a young child needs to know.

When you drop your kids off at day care, you trust the workers there will take good care of them.

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Missouri is one of six states that does not restrict or provide oversight to church-based preschools and day cares. Child care workers don't need special child safety training, there are no required staff-to-child ratios, and that has led to many kids getting hurt - and even dying.

The Center for Investigative Reporting discovered more than 2,000 incidents of neglect at church preschools in states with no restrictions, and they say 20-percent of them involved day care workers losing track of a child.

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Investigation into religiously owned daycares reveals disturbing information

Steel pipes poke out in a children's play area at an Arizona daycare center visited by federal inspectors.

Photo courtesy: Office of the Inspector General, HHS

A filthy, moldy restroom at a Pennsylvania daycare center.

Photo courtesy: Office of the Inspector General, HHS

OIG found major health and safety violations in many state-licensed child care providers around the country. States should meet new legal requirements to fix these lapses. -- More info at U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) HHS OIG Privacy Policy:

The Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, issued a statement on this report, urging parents in Missouri to think twice before putting their kids into a religiously owned day care.

They also want Missouri lawmakers to toughen day care laws, for the courts to punish day care workers who hurt a child, and for churches that run day cares to voluntarily abide by state regulations.

By the way, church-run day cares in Kansas are not exempt and do follow the same state regulations as all other child care centers.

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