Bill Nye warns that a stunning natural wonder is turning into a 'Muddy Hillside'

Bill Nye Gives Advice For Sustainable Behavior
Bill Nye Gives Advice For Sustainable Behavior

Did you know that Bill Nye the Science Guy is now Bill Nye the national parks guy? Well, sort of.

The famous science educator is a Centennial Find Your Park Ambassador. He signed up for the gig because he's concerned some of the United State's "astonishingly beautiful" parks are disappearing; and he wants you to care about it.

Nye issued a startling warning to over one national park in particular, Glacier National Park. That's the national park from the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining," and a little Tom Hanks film called "Forrest Gump."

According to Nye, Glacier National Park is, "rapidly becoming Muddy Hillside National Park."

Don't take the Science Guy's word for it, take a look at some of these photos:

Nye attributes this major geographical shift to the fact "the world is changing," and he thinks humans are at least partially to blame. He attributes a lot of that change is the result of fossil fuel use and says it "would be best to not burn any fossil fuels ever again."

While he's worried about nature in a big way, his favorite park is a lot more urban than you might expect.

"The Statue of Liberty makes me crazy. My Grandmother married an American Army Captain after the first World War and her contemporaries came through Ellis Island. It really is an amazing thing," he says.

Watch Bill Nye search for his favorite NYC national park:

Ellis Island stands out for very personal reasons.

"Ultimately, it is what national parks can remind its visitors of that makes them so important," he says. "Not only their beauty, or what movies were filmed there, but they also remind us of something bigger."

"National parks remind us of preserving these wild spaces, these historic spaces, so that we can all know and appreciate our place in the ecosystem, our place in nature— and that is priceless," he added.

If you didn't know how important National parks are, well:

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Find Your Park -- National park service happy 100th:

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