13 convincing reasons to unplug from social media

At this day and age, it's hard to come across someone who's totally unplugged from all things social media. This doesn't just mean that you're not on Tinder -- we're talking no Facebook, no Instagram, no GroupMe, no nothing! It may seem to many people that this is akin to leaving civilization and taking up residence in a remote cave somewhere, but lots of people would beg to differ.

Several people who have no social media affiliation took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's really like to be so separate from the digital world.

1. When everyone around you is on social media, you might feel like the odd man out:

I feel like the odd girl out in my group of friends. I don

2. Sometimes disconnecting from one medium can help you connect better with another one:

I deactivated all my social media just to reconnect my love with my husband again.

3. Social media obsession begs the question -- which is the real you: The you on or offline?

I don

4. It might be easy to lose sight of yourself when you're too involved with online communities:

People think it

5. Paranoia is real -- but is it valid?

I don

6. You might not realize how much stress media is giving you until you disengage:

I deactivated my Facebook account a week ago... I

7. Sometimes, social deactivation is just a test of loyalty:

I deactivated all my social media yesterday to see if my friends will look for me.. Insecurity at its finest

8. Some people don't feel like a digital relationship is a real one:

People think I must be antisocial cause I don

9. You might need to use a large-scale method to solve your small-scale problem:

I deactivated my Facebook so I would stop looking at my ex

10. Sometimes, people assign negative terms to the things they don't understand:


11. Although the Internet provides a community for some, not everyone feels connected through it:

I deactivated all my social media accounts because I feel lonelier everytime I

12. When you're too wrapped up in one thing, you tend to forget the other things that matter to you:

I got rid of all my social media accounts because I let them take up too much of my time. I

13. Can you say 'TMI'?

I don

Want to hear more from those without social media? Check out Whisper!

Interested in how social media got to be what it is today? Cruise through the video below:

Reflecting on the Evolution of Social Media Giant Facebook

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