Who needs a popcorn machine when you have a hair straightener?


Have you ever found yourself asking, "What is the least efficient, yet most gratifying way to make a bowl of popcorn?"

Well, look no further because one Twitter user just proved that it is possible to complete the task via hair straightener. Yes, really.

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The life hack of the week comes to us from user @p68qbhhurq9kxjc, who recently uploaded a 9-second video of him clamping down on a single kernel, producing (to his amazement) one solitary piece of popcorn.

Since uploading his seemingly innocent experiment, the clip has accumulated over 10,000 retweets, proving the internet is equally as excited about this snack time discovery.

Buzzfeed reached out to the newly-minted innovator, asking the question we all wanted to know - did the popcorn taste the same?

"I didn't eat it so I don't know if it tasted good, but it was insanely stiff," he stated.

Next time you find yourself with a few spare hours, nothing on the agenda, and a bottle of kernels, you know what to do.

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