Comedian Jordan Doww is headed to Broadway

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Comedian Jordan Dowodzenka (Doww for short) has his sights set on the big stage. After taking his viral YouTube videos and turning them into a stage performance called "HollyWEIRD," which premiered at Los Angeles's legendary Hollywood Improv, Doww is now bringing the fan-favorite show to Broadway. Set to debut on May 21st at Carolines on Broadway, "HollyWEIRD" will feature some of his fan-favorite sketches and take viewers on the rollercoaster of a ride that is Jordan Doww's life.

Doww's extensive training in comedy started back in middle school when he discovered he had a passion for acting. From there, it evolved into a desire to learn more about improv comedy and Doww soon found himself studying at Chicago's iconic Second City. His comedic flare translated seamlessly to social media and now Doww's channels boasts millions of video views.

But if you think this is all a stunt for Doww to get famous, think again. "My goal each year and for every year that I walk this earth is to just make a difference. A difference in one person's life, or a difference in a million people's lives, I just hope to make this world forget, just for a moment, the stress and worries that life may bring and to just have fun and be yourself for once! All I want to do is make people laugh, make people feel good inside, and make people feel loved. That's all."

It's proof that Jordan Doww is one of the most passionate influencers out there. And being able to see that passionate radiate from the stage is a must-see. We recently hosted a Twitter chat with the social creator to give his fans the chance to ask him any and all of their pressing questions about "HollyWEIRD."

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Jordan Doww Twitter Chat
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Comedian Jordan Doww is headed to Broadway
.@JordanDoww's live Twitter chat is happening now! Ask him your burning questions using #JordanDowwXAOL.
Q1: What's your favorite part about HollyWEIRD? -@jwtblackcal #JordanDowwXAOL
.@jwtblackcal The famous “Proud of/Not Proud of” game show bit. I explain the mess that is my life. LOL -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
Q2: What is your favorite TV show!? -@tronnorsgiggles #JordanDowwXAOL
.@tronnorsgiggles Currently, Broad City…but also OBSESSED w/ How to Get Away with Murder! -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
Q3: What are some places you would like to travel to for HollyWEIRD?? 💗💙 -@forhimjordan #JordanDowwXAOL
.@forhimjordan Chicago, Texas, London, etc. But Broadway was my dream, and it's happening!​ -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwxAOL
Q4: What is your favorite thing about making YouTube videos? -@janetmaz_ #JordanDowwXAOL
.@janetmaz_ Connecting with you guys & making you laugh; it fills me with so much joy! -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
Q5: Top three YouTubers you want to collab with? -@Frantasticfeels #JordanDowwXAOL
.@Frantasticfeels Miranda Sings, for SURE. and then possibly Connor Franta or Grace Helbig. My bae’s. -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
Q6: What do you get most excited for right before going on stage to perform your #HollyWEIRD shows?? 💃-@JessiHoran1 #JordanDowwXAOL
.@JessiHoran1 The intense adrenaline rush before popping out of those curtains and seeing everyones faces! -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
Q7: Do you ever miss your fam and friends from home (Michigan)? -@AbbyDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
.@AbbyDoww Awww, yes of course I do! But their support back home is what keeps me going here. -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
Q8: Do you like One Direction? -@GretaSartorious #JordanDowwXAOL
.@GretaSartorius OF COURSE! I'm obsessed. My little Niall has to be my favorite. -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL
Q9: What is your favorite part about meeting fans? -@CaddellAlexis #JordanDowwXAOL
Q10: What is the biggest thing that you wish to accomplish in your life? -@RonaldRalphy #JordanDowwXAOL
.@RonaldRalphy I just want to make people laugh, make people feel good inside, and make people feel loved. -@JordanDoww #JordanDowwXAOL

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