Travel photographer Tiffany Nguyen gushes about being a Burton Girl

Burton Girls have long been synonymous with some of the fiercest snowboarders out there. But if you think they're all about hitting the slopes, think again. The Burton Brand Ambassador community is all about celebrating the best of snowboarding lifestyle -- which includes fitness, fashion, healthy living, and spending time in the great outdoors. It's proven to be an incredible collection of rad women helping and encouraging other rad women.

Instagram phenomenon Tiffany Nguyen recently found herself part of the Burton Girls' network. Her incredible photographs feature jaw-dropping landscapes that embody their outdoor brand's mission statement. And with almost 150,000 avid followers, its clear that her message resonates with people from all backgrounds.

We recently sat down with Tiffany Nguyen to discuss her position at Burton, how she describes the Burton Girl, and more!

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How did you become a Burton Brand Ambassador?
There's this company out there called B4BC which stands for Boards For Breast Cancer and someone there emailed me asking if they could share my pictures on their page. Their office is literally down the street from mine which is such a coincidence. We met up and we were just chatting and they said that they thought I would be a good asset to Burton and their team. She connected me and it felt like a natural fit.

How would you describe the Burton Girl?
So a lot of people think that to be a Bruton Brand Ambassador you have to be a professional snowboarder or snowboard competitively, but that's not really what being a Burton Girl is about. It's about sharing the stoke of snowboarding of course, but also all aspects of the outdoors. As a Burton Brand Ambassador you try to be a role model to other girls and let them know that it's not just about snowboarding -- even though we all share that passion. It's really about getting girls together and going outside to do something cool.

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What's the one place you've traveled to that you keep going back to?
The one place I feel like I keep going back to is Alberta, Canada. My first time going was this past summer and I went again in the wintertime because I wanted to see how the scenery changed with the snow. And iIm planning another trip for the spring. It is a gorgeous place. They have rocky mountains that are so grand and large, turquoise blue lakes, and the wildlife, people, and hiking is also amazing out there.

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