This golden retriever is sick of his owner's feeble attempts at stealing his pacifier


No one is going to take Max's pacifier away. Not nobody. Not no how.

But that certainly hasn't stopped one woman from trying -- and failing.

A YouTube video uploaded in February shows Max's owner trying to come between the Golden Retriever and his beloved toy, and he is none too pleased about it.

The first time the woman reaches for his binky, Max intercepts her with a swift swat of his paw -- all the while sporting the coolest, calmest expression on his adorable lil' mug.

The second time, he appears a bit more flustered, jerking his head backwards to keep his owner's filthy paws off his precious new find.

Eventually, Max is just so sick of her nonsense that he engages with her mano a mano, asserting ownership over the toy once and for all.

Straight up DENIED.

Even Lebron would be proud of that block, Max.

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