They stumbled across a painting in their attic and now they may be $136 million richer

Painting found in attic worth $136 million?

French homeowners thought they'd fix their leaky roof but never thought it would lead to an amazing discovery.

According to Old Masters expert Eric Turquin, the 400-year-old piece was found by accident in the attic of a house in France's Toulouse region in 2014 and is believed to have been painted by Italian master Caravaggio, CNN reported. Turquin also said he's been studying the piece for the past two years.

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The painting was found in a sealed-off part of the attic that had to be assessed to fix a leak.

According to CNN, the painting named "Judith Beheading Holofernes," represents the biblical figure decapitating Holofernes, an Assyrian general.

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Experts say the painting could be worth around $136 million after mentioning the need to "fully investigate" it and its importance to the art world.

"The rediscovery of an original masterpiece by Caravaggio is a great event," Turquin told CNN. He also said it "should be considered by far the most important canvas recovered in the last twenty years, from one of the geniuses."

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