NY Daily News endorses 'warrior realist' Hillary Clinton over 'fantasist' Bernie Sanders

NY Daily News Endorses Clinton
NY Daily News Endorses Clinton

The New York Daily News has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton saying, "her plans to give working-and middle-class Americans a fighting chance at rising incomes are far superior to Bernie Sanders.'"

The New York City tabloid feels Clinton is the superior choice, which is no surprise after Sanders recently made headlines with his botched interview in front of the paper's editorial board.

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The Daily News calls Clinton a "super prepared warrior realist," while referring to Sanders as a "fantasist who's at passionate war with reality." The paper also says that by choosing Clinton, "Empire State Dems would powerfully signal that the party has gotten real about achieving long-sought goals."

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According to the Daily News, Clinton is unsparingly clear-eyed about what's wrong with America while holding firm to what's right with America. It also says she is supremely knowledgeable about the powers a president can wield to lift fortunes in need of lifting, and possesses the right amount of strength and shrewdness.

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"The global financial meltdown of 2008 supercharged trends that continue to degrade standards of living, worsen income inequality and narrow the paths to better. Meanwhile, despite Obama's let's-pretend rituals, Washington has delivered no significant help since the 2009 stimulus, let alone game-changing economic programs," the paper's editorial board wrote. "Blame whomever you like. Blame the President. Blame congressional Republicans. Blame them both. Regardless of where you pin responsibility for Washington's catastrophic abandonment of the American worker, the nation now reaps the whirlwind in the furies of the 2016 election."

The New York Democratic primary is April 19.

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