This guy's great-great-grandfather is basically Matthew McConaughey's twin

Matthew McConaughey Look-Alike Goes Viral
Matthew McConaughey Look-Alike Goes Viral

Alright, alright, alright! What do we have here?

A man named Sanders Parker took to Reddit on Tuesday to share a photo of his great-great-grandfather, Dr. Andrew Sanders, because he looks just like Matthew McConaughey, and it's totally freaking us out.

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No, really. If Matthew McConaughey grew out a thick mustache and went to one of those old-timey photo stands at his local Six Flags, his picture would look exactly like this.

Parker, who talked to ABC News about the viral photo, credits his sister for pointing out the uncanny resemblance.

The photo took social media by storm a mere 24 hours after Parker initially posted it to Reddit, being picked up by outlets around the world.

We love it when stuff like this happens. Remember when that old photo had someone that looked exactly like Jay-Z in it?

See photos of Matthew McConaughey through the years for comparison:

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