Los Angeles food truck takes churros to a whole new level

Food Truck Combines Cereal and Churros Into Tasty Treat
Food Truck Combines Cereal and Churros Into Tasty Treat

You've never seen a churro like this before. The Ridges Churro Bar food truck in Los Angeles has put a delicious twist on the crunchy treat that's bound to make your mouth water.

When you order a churro, you don't get the typical cinnamon-covered fried dough, it comes with ice cream and you can customize it with a variety of delectable toppings like strawberry cheesecake, nutella nut and salted caramel.

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The flavors rotate on a regular basis, with the exception of fruity pebbles, which is always an option because it's so popular, according to LA Weekly.

This tasty treat can only be found at the traveling food truck, but the owners do have plans to open a storefront in the future. For now though, follow them on Twitter to find out where you can snag the sweet snack next.

Check out drool-inducing photos from Instagram: