Historians locate Leonardo da Vinci's living relatives

Historians Locate Leonardo da Vinci's Living Relatives
Historians Locate Leonardo da Vinci's Living Relatives

Leonardo da Vinci may have died nearly 500 years ago in 1519, but historians plan to announce a new discovery about him at an upcoming conference.

Discovery News is reporting that historians, Alessandro Vezzosi and Agnese Sabato, have found living relatives of the famous artist, most of whom are descendants from his father.

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Vezzosi, who is the director of a museum in Da Vinci's birthplace, is quoted as saying, "We checked documents and tombs as far as France and Spain in order to reconstruct the history of Leonardo's family..."

He continues, "The implications of our discovery is that scientists may be able to isolate Da Vinci's DNA, 15 generations later."

According to Florence Daily News, the findings will be presented at the event on April 14 along with supporting documents and some of the descendants themselves.

While Da Vinci's cause of death is unknown, he is believed to be interred at the Saint-Hubert Chapel in France.