DJ Khaled reveals his key to Snapchat success and plans for new album


Finding the right keys to success may be ​hard, but when you've been searching for it for ten years, there's not much that can scare you -- just ask music producer and all-around social media superstar, DJ Khaled. For the past decade, the DJ has been dominating the music charts and this year, he dominated social media with his crazy adventures (like getting lost on a jetski and Snapchatting his way to safety).

It seems that everywhere you turn now, DJ Khaled has a #newdeal -- the musician just announced a new album, aptly called, "Major Key" and an agreement with Apple Music. was able to talk to DJ Khaled at the Shorty Awards, where he won Snapchatter of the Year, to discuss his keys for personal and professional success and his new album, "Major Key."

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Are you excited to be at the Shorty Awards tonight?
Of course! I'm excited to be here because of my fans voted for me to be here. So that's the key -- fan love! We have the best music. And look out for my new album called "Major Key."

What's your favorite thing about your fans?
My favorite thing is that we just connected and all my fans represent positive energy. They also represent this love. They support me and I support them. I appreciate them and they appreciate me.

Is that why you chose to use Snapchat, so you could go one-on-one with your fans and connect with them?
Well, you know, I'm just being myself on Snapchat. And besides Snapchat, I'm just being myself, period. And what happened on Snapchat made everything connect with my fans and they got to know me personally, besides my music and the other stuff I already do. They know me personally and I love that because I want to know everybody -- I mean, all my fans that support me.

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What is your key to Snapchat success and the key to music success?
My key to music success is making the biggest anthems. It's my ten year anniversary and I just did a big deal with LA Reid and Epic Records. I did a big deal with Apple Music as well and then I also have my new album coming called "Major Key" and it's a special time for me because it's my ten year anniversary. To put out all of these number 1 anthems every year and then lock in one of the biggest deals for me right now and dropping my new album is a big deal. I feel like this album is the one that all my fans worldwide are the most excited for. And I have some more big surprises coming too.

Do you have a favorite emoji?
Yeah, the key! The key and the prayer sign.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to blow up on music or social media?
On the Snapchat thing, I feel like my success comes from me being me. It's very organic. It's important for Snapchat to always show positivity. And if you're doing business, promote stuff you love to do organically. Anything I promote or do, I passionately love. So, music is my life, but at the same time, so are flowers, so is jet-skiing, so is working out, so is family. There is always a connection.

Watch the video below for more of DJ Khaled's keys to success:

DJ Khaled Reveals the Key to His Snapchat Success: 'I'm a Sex Symbol'
DJ Khaled Reveals the Key to His Snapchat Success: 'I'm a Sex Symbol'

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