3 retro summer toys are making a comeback

3 Retro Summer Toys Making a Comeback
3 Retro Summer Toys Making a Comeback

You may remember the Water Wiggle, lawn darts and the summer classic Slip'n Slide. These retro toys were an absolute blast -- until they got recalled. But we have good news! These three summer staples have all been redesigned to be much safer, and are making a comeback for summer 2016.

The Wham-O Water Wiggle was a plastic contraption that, when attached to the end of a hose, would move around in the air uncontrollably and spew water. However, the dangerous toy was recalled in 1981. Now, you can get the much less risky Banzai Wiggling Water Pillar for under $10 on Amazon!

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Jarts, also known as lawn darts, were banned in 1988 for injuries and property damage. Now, you can play a game of $10 Zarts instead, a safe (and affordable) alternative that's just as much fun!

Last but not least, the original Wham-O Slip'n Slide was recalled for misuse by adults in 1993. The re-designed Slip'n Slide by H20 Go is making a comeback -- with a new look and landing pad for safety.

All of these toys now have a docile replacement -- and they're coming in hot for summer 2016. So get on your swimsuit and relive all of the fun from your retro favorites!

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