Uber gave US agencies data on more than 12M users

Uber Agrees to Pay $10M Settlement Amid Safety Concerns

(Reuters) -- Uber Technologies Inc on Tuesday released its first ever transparency report detailing the information requested by not only U.S. law enforcement agencies, but also by regulators.

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The ride-sharing company said that between July and December 2015, it had provided information on more than 12 million riders and drivers to various U.S. regulators and on 469 users to state and federal law agencies.

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How much Uber drivers make in different cities
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Uber gave US agencies data on more than 12M users

1) New York City: $29.34 per ride

(Patrick Batchelder / Alamy)

2) Pittsburgh: $14.84 per ride

(Getty Images/Brand X)

3) San Francisco: $14.65 per ride

(Shutterstock / Stefanie Schoenebein)

4) Phoenix: $14.36 per ride


5) Miami: $14.38 per ride


6) Salt Lake City: $13.86 per ride

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7) Austin: $13.67 per ride

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8) Seattle: $13.17 per ride

(Shutterstock / Jeffrey T. Kreulen)

9) Cleveland: $13.02 per ride

(Henryk Sadura)

10) Atlanta: $12.93 per ride

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11) Boston: $12.80 per ride

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12) San Diego: $12.60 per ride

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13) Baltimore: $12.21 per ride

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14) Washington: $12.17 per ride

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15) Denver: $11.70 per ride

(Chris Rogers)


The privately held company, valued at more than $60 billion, said the agencies requested information on trips, trip requests, pickup and dropoff areas, fares, vehicles and drivers.

Uber said it got 415 requests from law enforcement agencies, a majority of which came from state governments, and that it was able to provide data in nearly 85 percent of the cases.

A large number of the law enforcement requests were related to fraud investigations or the use of stolen credit cards, according to the report.

Uber said it had not received any national security letters or orders under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act.

The company has not disclosed such requests for information from other countries.

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Places with the most vehicle theft in every state
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Uber gave US agencies data on more than 12M users

#50. Vermont: Windham County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 22.7
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 10

Property Crimes per 100K People: 1,284.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 566

County Population: 44,050
Major City in County: Brattleboro*

*All numbers are aggregated to the overall county level, but we've noted a major city in each county for reference.

Photo courtesy: Getty

#49. Maine: Androscoggin County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 67.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 73

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,062.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 2,217

County Population: 107,470
Major City in County: Lewiston

Photo courtesy: Getty

#48. New Hampshire: Hillsborough County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 79
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 318

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,037.6
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 8,207

County Population: 402,776
Major City in County: Manchester

Photo courtesy: Getty

#46. New York: Erie County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 140.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 1,297

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,616.5
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 24,090

County Population: 920,694
Major City in County: Buffalo

Photo courtesy: Getty

#45. Wyoming: Sweetwater County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 161.5
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 72

Property Crimes per 100K People: 1,838.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 820

County Population: 44,595
Major City in County: Rock Springs

Photo courtesy: Getty

#43. Idaho: Nez Perce County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 216.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 86

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,096.7
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 1,228

County Population: 39,655
Major City in County: Lewiston

Photo courtesy: Getty

#42. South Dakota: Pennington County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 220.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 231

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,062.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 3,203

County Population: 104,574
Major City in County: Rapid City

Photo courtesy: Getty

#41. Rhode Island: Providence County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 235
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 1,479

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,422.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 15,247

County Population: 629,280
Major City in County: Providence

Photo courtesy: Getty

#40. Massachusetts: Suffolk County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 237.6
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 1,777

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,619.4
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 19,591

County Population: 747,928
Major City in County: Boston

Photo courtesy: Getty

#39. Illinois: Cook County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 240.1
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 12,551

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,445.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 127,863

County Population: 5,227,827
Major City in County: Chicago

Photo courtesy: Getty

#38. Arizona: Maricopa County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 249.5
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 9,848

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,546
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 100,499

County Population: 3,947,382
Major City in County: Phoenix

Photo courtesy: Getty

#37. Connecticut: New Haven County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 258.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 2,235

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,455.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 21,197

County Population: 863,148
Major City in County: New Haven

Photo courtesy: Getty

#36. North Carolina: Columbus County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 302.5
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 174

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,475.6
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 2,574

County Population: 57,512
Major City in County: Whiteville

Photo courtesy: Getty

#35. Kentucky: Jefferson County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 323.5
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 2,431

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,111.5
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 30,897

County Population: 751,485
Major City in County: Louisville/Jefferson County

Photo courtesy: Getty

#34. Florida: Miami-Dade County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 324.6
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 8,442

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,007
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 104,216

County Population: 2,600,861
Major City in County: Miami

Photo courtesy: Getty

#33. Virginia: Richmond City

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 347.8
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 734

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,974.2
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 8,388

County Population: 211,063
Major City in County: Richmond

Photo courtesy: Getty

#32. Utah: Salt Lake County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 349.5
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 3,718

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,300.7
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 35,109

County Population: 1,063,670
Major City in County: Salt Lake City

Photo courtesy: Getty

#31. Ohio: Cuyahoga County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 351
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 4,449

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,402.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 30,456

County Population: 1,267,513
Major City in County: Cleveland

Photo courtesy: Getty

#30. Alaska: Northwest Arctic Borough

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 351.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 27

Property Crimes per 100K People: 1,863.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 143

County Population: 7,672
Major City in County: Kotzebue

Photo courtesy: Getty

#29. Hawaii: Maui County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 358.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 570

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,652.1
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 5,800

County Population: 158,814
Major City in County: Kahului

Photo courtesy: Getty

#28. Arkansas: Pulaski County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 361.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 1,407

Property Crimes per 100K People: 5,655.5
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 21,986

County Population: 388,752
Major City in County: Little Rock

Photo courtesy: Getty

#27. Pennsylvania: Philadelphia County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 370.3
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 5,728

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,414.3
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 52,816

County Population: 1,546,920
Major City in County: Philadelphia

Photo courtesy: Getty

#26. Tennessee: Hamilton County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 389.8
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 1,344

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,295.3
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 14,809

County Population: 344,772
Major City in County: Chattanooga

Photo courtesy: Getty

#25. Montana: Yellowstone County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 417.2
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 634

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,760.1
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 5,714

County Population: 151,965
Major City in County: Billings

Photo courtesy: Getty

#24. Nevada: Clark County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 427.3
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 8,562

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,798.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 56,080

County Population: 2,003,613
Major City in County: Las Vegas

Photo courtesy: Alamy

#23. Mississippi: Hinds County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 481.8
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 1,187

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,488.1
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 11,057

County Population: 246,364
Major City in County: Jackson

Photo courtesy: Getty

#22. Minnesota: Ramsey County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 487.7
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 2,542

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,359.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 17,514

County Population: 521,265
Major City in County: St. Paul

Photo courtesy: Getty

#21. New Jersey: Essex County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 511
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 4,035

Property Crimes per 100K People: 2,223.1
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 17,554

County Population: 789,616
Major City in County: Newark

Photo courtesy: Getty

#19. Colorado: Denver County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 541.8
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 3,434

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,526.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 22,352

County Population: 633,777
Major City in County: Denver

Photo courtesy: Getty

#18. Oklahoma: Oklahoma County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 557.5
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 4,143

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,665.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 34,674

County Population: 743,145
Major City in County: Oklahoma City

Photo courtesy: Getty

#17. Oregon: Multnomah County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 563
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 4,264

Property Crimes per 100K People: 5,159.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 39,079

County Population: 757,371
Major City in County: Portland

Photo courtesy: Getty

#16. New Mexico: Bernalillo County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 564.2
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 3,788

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,845.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 32,536

County Population: 671,429
Major City in County: Albuquerque

Photo courtesy: Getty

#15. Alabama: Russell County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 570.4
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 325

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,743.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 2,703

County Population: 56,980
Major City in County: Phenix City

Photo courtesy: Creative Commons

#14. Indiana: Marion County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 576.7
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 5,302

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,638
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 42,639

County Population: 919,336
Major City in County: Indianapolis

Photo courtesy: Getty

#13. Iowa: Pottawattamie County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 584
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 544

Property Crimes per 100K People: 5,058.3
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 4,712

County Population: 93,153
Major City in County: Council Bluffs

Photo courtesy: Getty

#12. Nebraska: Douglas County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 614.1
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 3,261

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,839.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 20,392

County Population: 531,057
Major City in County: Omaha

Photo courtesy: Alamy

#10. Washington: Spokane County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 652.1
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 3,110

Property Crimes per 100K People: 5,823.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 27,777

County Population: 476,950
Major City in County: Spokane

Photo courtesy: Getty

#9. Georgia: Fulton County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 670.3
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 6,482

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,877.4
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 47,169

County Population: 967,100
Major City in County: Atlanta

Photo courtesy: Getty

#8. Texas: Potter County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 706.3
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 862

Property Crimes per 100K People: 7,784.3
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 9,501

County Population: 122,053
Major City in County: Amarillo

Photo courtesy: Getty

#7. Michigan: Wayne County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 709
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 12,691

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,080.3
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 55,139

County Population: 1,790,078
Major City in County: Detroit

Photo courtesy: Getty

#6. Louisiana: Orleans Parish

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 709.7
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 2,615

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,445.9
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 16,382

County Population: 368,471
Major City in County: New Orleans

Photo courtesy: Getty

#5. Maryland: Baltimore City

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 720.9
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 4,486

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,727.8
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 29,420

County Population: 622,271
Major City in County: Baltimore

Photo courtesy: Getty

#4. Wisconsin: Milwaukee County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 760.2
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 7,248

Property Crimes per 100K People: 4,022.7
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 38,352

County Population: 953,401
Major City in County: Milwaukee

Photo courtesy: Getty

#3. California: Alameda County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 777.5
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 12,123

Property Crimes per 100K People: 3,480.5
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 54,272

County Population: 1,559,308
Major City in County: Oakland

Photo courtesy: Getty

#2. Missouri: St. Louis City

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 1018.7
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 3,247

Property Crimes per 100K People: 6,249.6
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 19,919

County Population: 318,727
Major City in County: St. Louis

Photo courtesy: Getty

#1. North Dakota: Williams County

Vehicle Thefts per 100K People: 1097.3
Total Vehicle Thefts in 2014: 297

Property Crimes per 100K People: 5,952.1
Total Property Crimes in 2014: 1,611

County Population: 27,066
Major City in County: Williston

Photo courtesy: Getty


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