This toddler falling asleep while skiing is all of us

Toddler Falls Asleep While Snowboarding
Toddler Falls Asleep While Snowboarding

We've all been there -- super exhausted, deprived of nap time, and unable to find an adequate caffeine fix.

This fatigued, skiing tot represents that moment for all of us, as he is captured by his dad losing the battle by falling asleep mid-run.

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While his father videotapes him, the toddler can be seen bobbing back and forth, while still strapped tightly to his board.

As he slips into a full REM cycle, his entire family becomes aware of his situation, and comes to his rescue right as he falls straight backwards into a bed of snow.

While we can only hope he went straight from the slopes to his bed, we have to commend his ability to nap vertically like a pro.