Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri Martino is pregnant with second child

Eva Amurri Martino Reveals Their Nanny Wanted to Sleep with Her Husband
Eva Amurri Martino Reveals Their Nanny Wanted to Sleep with Her Husband

Susan Sarandon has another grandchild on the way!

The 69-year-old actress' daughter, Eva Amurri Martino, adorably announced on her website that she's pregnant with her second child. Sharing a photo of her daughter, Marlowe, touching her baby bump, Martino gushed, "It is with so much joy, crazy excitement, and immense gratitude that Kyle, Marlowe and I would like to announce we are expecting a new addition to our family this fall!"

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"We feel so lucky to be celebrating this special gift," the 31-year-old actress added.

This especially joyous time for Martino's family comes after she revealed in August that she suffered a miscarriage. "Of course what I don't have, and what I never will have, is this one little angel who has slipped away from me," Martio shared on her blog at the time. "And while it will take time for me to make peace with that fact, it gives me a lot of solace knowing that I told -- that I have shared its existence with you, that it mattered, and that we loved it. And that will have to do."

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Eight months later, Martino has lots to celebrate. "Kyle and I can't wait to watch what a funny and loving Big Sister Marlowe will be, and we are cherishing our last months with her as the sole center of our Universe," she concluded her Tuesday blog post. "We are almost positive that scientifically it is possible for the Universe to shift and have two very cute and demanding centers (at least that's what we've been told -- don't lie to us, Scientists!)"

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